Nordex N-54

Manufactured by Nordex of Germany

Hub height 70 meters (229 ft)
Rotor diameter 54 meters (177 ft)
Rotor sweep area 2,290 square meters (24.6K sq ft)
Maximum height 97.0 meters (318 ft) to tip of blades
Foundation depth 25 feet
Foundation diameter 14.3 feet  
Tower (three sections) 97,000 kilograms (214K pounds)
Nacelle 41,700 kilograms (92K pounds)
Blades 17,200 kilograms (38K pounds)
Foundation 155,200 kilograms (70.4K pounds)
Three blade horizontal axis
Gearbox drive
Stall regulated blade design with pivotable braking tips
Two speed generator, 200kW & 1MW
Cut-in Speed 3 m/s (7.8 mph)
Cut out Speed 25m/s (56 mph)
Quantity of foundation bolts 240
Tower sections are tubular monopile

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