Jessica Green

Jessica Green is an assistant professor of Political Science at Case Western Reserve University, with a focus on trans-national environmental politics, particularly around climate change and the environment.  She has over 10 years experience in energy and environmental policy research and policy. Her policy background includes positions at the United National Universities in New York and Tokyo, and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and World Resources Institute. 

Dr. Green has published and presented extensively on energy and environmental issues. She co-edited two books on sustainable development and environmental governance, and published a third on topic in December 2013, which one reviewer described as "the most important book yet written on private authority in world politics." Her dissertation, "Private Actors, Public Goods: Private Authority in Global Environmental Politics", won the American Political Science Association's Virginia Walsh Prize for best dissertation in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy.Her research has been published in Global Environmental PoliticsGovernance, and Business and PoliticsShe has contributed book chapters to Essential Concepts of Global Environmental GovernanceThe Handbook of Innovations in Transnational GovernanceParticipation for Sustainability in Trade, and Transnational Actors in Global Governance.  Her research interests include globalization and global governance, international law and organizations, global environmental politics, climate change, and transnational regulation.
She joined the CWRU faculty in 2010, after receiving her PhD from the Woodrow Wilson School of Political Science at Princeton University. Prior to her PhD, she earned a BA in Public Policy and Comparative Literature from Brown University and a Masters of Public Administration from Columbia in International Environmental Policy.