Adam Maraschky

Adam is a third-year PhD student in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department.  His research, led by Professor Rohan Akolkar, aims to understand mechanistically why lithium metal batteries grow dendrites during recharge.  Adam has a B.A. in Liberal Arts from St. John's College, Annapolis. His undergrad thesis was titled "Chaos and Quanta: Two New Hypotheses in Max Planck's Theory of Heat Radiation". He worked for one year at a Cleveland-based manufacturer of thermoset composites before continuing his education at Cleveland State University to prepare for graduate studies.  Adam is a Cleveland native who enjoys spending his time in the area's many parks and cultural areas. He is a professional film photographer of over a decade and a skilled bicycle mechanic. Outside of the lab, he enjoys building things and vegetarian cooking for his wife, Emily. Adam has also had a pet turtle since elementary school.


Recent Activities:

  • Publication in the Journal of Electrochemical Society on the mechanism behind rechargeable lithium-metal batteries