GLEI ThinkEnergy Fellows 2016 - 2017


ThinkEnergy is an innovative, student-centric program focused on translational and experiential learning about energy. The imperative is to bring energy literacy to our campus such that the next generation of executives, educators, politicians and technology experts are prepared to address the energy challenges of the future. Regardless of their career choice, our students will be well poised to reach leadership positions and will be helped by understanding energy.

ThinkEnergy connects students with faculty, companies, financiers and local, national, and international communities around energy topics, providing a mechanism to engage students in energy in a way that scales quickly to create a motivated, energy literate community.

Great Lakes ThinkEnergy Fellows

Sam Crisanti

Dane Elliot

Lizzy Kalikasingh

Chen Liang

Eliana Ondrejko

Zane Ostoin

Marley Praprost

Dai Shen

Ben Whitman