Robert Savinell, GLEI Platform Lead, discusses the future of scholarly publishing on ECS Podcast

Robert Savinell, George S. Dively Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and longtime GLEI partner, was featured in the Electrochemical Society Podcast. Along with co-editor Dennis Hess, Savinell discussed the future of scholarly publishing including open science, open access and the Free the Science initiative. Savinell and Hess addressed the current mindset concerns of the publication process and the hope for a less restricted environment in the future to allow scientific freedom to advance.

The researchers discussed that open science would be ideal for scientific development, but we are a long way from achieving it. Research requires resources and manpower to make any sort of progress, leading to reluctance in sharing results freely. Additionally, when profit is considered in the development of scientific articles, it is possible for the impact factor to be considered more important than overall quality. Other complications for scientists include payment requirements to access and the risks involved with open access. This podcast takes a closer look at these challenges and how the research community is greatly affected by them.

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