GLEI leaders, Alexis Abramson and Grant Goodrich, make the case for support of ARPA-E

ARPA-E was created by the Department of Energy under the Obama administration to mirror the success of the Department of Defense's DARPA, which supports truly innovative breakthroughs in high-risk high-reward technology research and development. 

GLEI Director Alexis Abramson and Associate Director Grant Goodrich, with US Representative Marcy Kaptur, penned a column on to express support for ARPA-E and share the impact the agency has had on Case Western Reserve University and Northeast Ohio. Through ARPA-E, the School of Engineering has worked on innovations such as iron-based flow batteries that are an environmentally safe energy storage solution as well software for energy audits. 

Kaptur, Abramson and Goodrich expressed that despite recommendation from the Trump administration to eliminate ARPA-E, we need to continue to support America's position as the world's leader in the development of new energy technologies. 

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