GLEI Co-Hosts Panel Exploring the Impact of Market Trends and Policy on the Coal Industry


The Great Lakes Energy Institute, Center for Business Law & Regulation and the Property and Environment Research Center sponsored a panel to explore the downward trajectory of the coal sector. Jonathan Adler, GLEI affiliate faculty member, hosted the panel which featured GLEI advisory board member Walter Culver.


Dr. Culver presented his research to understand coal’s decline and the effects of federal policy and market economics on this trend. A panel discussion also featuring Justin Gundlach and Alexander Schoch then explored these topics further.


With natural gas production on the rise, coal faces a serious competitor that is both plentiful and cheaper to produce, particularly in the Ohio area. Though the Trump Administration has recently enacted policies demonstrating support for coal production and use, they do not seem to be enough to prevent the downturn of coal.


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