CWRU Research Group Tests New Method for Stabilizing Wind Turbines

A Case Western Reserve University research group led by GLEI affiliated faculty member David Zeng, is testing an innovative wind turbine support structure. This solution provides significant support while requiring less site preparation and lowering costs for installment. The testing is led by Xuefei "Sophie" Wang, a research associate and lead author of a new paper that examines hybrid monopiles and how they reduce the amount of motion experienced from the foundation being hit.

Case Western Reserve and partner, the non-profit Lake Erie Energy Development Corp. (LEEDCo), are working together to develop and demonstrate a wind farm on Lake Erie in a $2.8 million project funded by the DOE. The design that Wang and the team are proposing has the potential to become a part of the Lake Erie wind farm and other future projects, but will ultimately provide great value in increasing the efficiency and economics of wind turbines set in fresh water.

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