Energy Generation

The future of sustainable energy is in developing generation technology. Methods for producing energy must become cleaner and more reliable. In addition, energy sources must become cheaper and more abundant.

CWRU’s research in generation focuses on renewables. Example innovations include photovoltaic modules built from natural materials and a freshwater wind farm on Lake Erie.

To support this research, the University has also recently established new energy centers:

  • Ohio-WERC - a three-turbine wind facility welcoming industry R&D
  • A solar module fabrication lab
  • A global sunfarm network, including four locations in Ohio as well as sites in Florida, Arizona, Taiwan and India
  • A research facility comprised of eight on-campus labs

The University is also currently collaborating with Evergreen Cooperatives to construct the Lakeview 1MW SunFarm to add to its current solar energy generation portfolio.

For a broader view of the University’s work in these fields, see: