Lifetime & Degradation Science

Environmentally exposed technologies – whether to the sun, the factory floor, or inside the human body – are subject to a wide range of stressors. While usually performance tested and designed to mitigate these stressors, such technologies naturally degrade over a lifetime of usage.

Lifetime and Degradation Science (L&DS) moves beyond basic qualification testing to study the way technologies degrade over their lives. L&DS is applicable across multiple industries for long-lived technologies with high cost, safety as a critical concern and high expected reliability. The result enables the design and manufacture of reliable and longer lasting technologies. In particular, this system approach:

  • Studies stresses and responses
  • Enables quantitative degradation rate modeling
  • Connects research on materials, components, and systems
  • Serves as the scientific underpinning for industrial reliability and qualification standards
  • Increases lifetime and lowers levelized cost of energy (LCOE)

CWRU’s Solar Durability and Lifetime Extension (SDLE) Centeradvances L&DS initiatives both within the University and with a host of global industrial partners.