GLEI-SDLE Speaker: Operational, high-resolution solar forecasting for Australian electricity distribution networks

Friday, June 23, 2017 - 1:00pm - 2:00pm

On Friday, June 23rd at 1 PM, Dr. Nick Engerer, CTO at SOLCAST and lecturer at the Australian National University, will present his work on solar forecasting support for Australian energy networks & markets.  

Launched in June 2016, Dr. Engerer’s Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) funded project will deliver operational solar forecasting technologies to 11 Australian distribution network service providers over the course of the 2016 - 2019.  By the middle of this year (June), each of these partners will receive the first version of this solar forecasting technology, which will provide 0-7 day ahead power output forecasts of their embedded solar generators via an individualised API service. These forecasts are made possible through provision of detailed PV metadata (location, PV array characteristics) by the DNSP project partner, and through high-resolution solar radiation modelling with the Himawari 8 weather satellite (1km^2 with 10 minute updates).  Participation from project partners SMA and Fronius will also provide real-time power output monitoring from tens of thousands of solar PV systems.  This presentation will detail the motivations, partnerships and methodologies utilised in the delivery of this project, and aim to thoroughly discuss opportunities for collaboration in PV analytics, solar power forecasting and machine learning. 

Dr Nick Engerer is an Akron, Ohio native and is an academic at Australian National University, where he directs university research toward industry-relevant outcomes. As a part of these applied research efforts, he has co-founded Solcast, a solar forecasting and modelling company based in Canberra, Australia. Follow him on twitter @nickengerer and be sure to connect on LinkedIn!

This presentation will take place on the CWRU campus in Nord 400, and is open to the public.