GLEI ThinkEnergy Fellowship Program Completes Successful Year!

The staff of the Great Lakes Energy Institute would like to thank everyone that has supported the ThinkEnergy Fellowship Program and congratulate the 2018-2019 ThinkEnergy Fellowship Cohort for a job well done this year!  We had three group projects that looked at electric vehicle energy storage business models, nano-grids, and renewable power management systems for homes.  Fellows toured and climbed wind turbines, networked at several energy conferences in Boston, Pittsburgh, and Warren, and attended over twenty ThinkEnergy ThinkTanks with speakers from CWRU, the Great Lakes region, and around the country.

Seven of the fellows will be traveling to the ARPAe Innovation Summit in Denver, Colorado this July!  In the mean-time, the group is very busy starting their new jobs or conducting research in the energy space.

ThinkEnergy 2018-2019 Cohort (l-r): Abhenav Murthy (Bell Flight), Diana Zavela (Department of Energy), Nora Shaheen (Doctoral Research at CWRU), Alberto Gonzalez Campos (Master’s Research at CWRU), Neil Chavan (Newry Corp), Emily Dickens (GE and Octet Scientific), Adam Maraschky (Doctoral Research at CWRU), William Clarizio (Baker Hughes), Aayush Parikh (Projects for Peace, India), Kareem Agag (Projects for Peace, India), Ian Parker (Lockheed Martin), Harsh Ranjan (Kadant, Inc.), Becca Segel (NASA Ames Research Center), Ellen Walter (Workday)

We are excited here at GLEI to begin our fifth year of the ThinkEnergy Fellowship Program!  Please welcome our newest members to the 2019-2020 ThinkEnergy Fellowship cohort that will be starting this fall:   Bridget Powers Beggs, Benjamin Chapman, Emmett Donnelley-Power, Nathan Ewell, Shreyas Kamath, Akash Menon, Oluka Okia, Dahbin Park, Aparna Paul, Krista Schoonover, Italo Silva, Rohan Sinha, Julia Ver Voort, and Ran Wei.

Please follow this link to see biographies of our new ThinkEnergy fellows.

Congratulations to all of the Fellows!