About Us


Catalyzing breakthroughs in energy sustainability that address the most pressing problems facing our world by empowering our faculty, students, and partners. 

Research is at the heart of our work at Case Western Reserve University. Our faculty, staff and students are driven to expand knowledge, deepen understanding and contribute to the well-being of society. We consistently rank in the top 20 private research institutions. In 2013-2014, CWRU received more than $310 million to fund 1,600 projects. 

Creating sustainable energy solutions is unlike any challenge our society has ever faced. The ramifications reach into every aspect of our lives, from international relations and economic development to ecological wellness. 

To meet this challenge, we need innovative approaches to research across a broad range of disciplines. CWRU and the Great Lakes Energy Institute helps foster a collaborative, translational research model that more rapidly filters innovative ideas and integrates them into the marketplace. 


  • Attracting over $70 million in energy funding
  • Delivering 40-50% win rate in energy-related proposals
  • Leading significant ARPA-E and DOE awards
  • Attracting $6 for every $1 spend on operations
  • Driving breakthroughs in:
    • Iron-based flow battery
    • Self-powered building sensor
    • Rare-earth substitute for magnets
    • Plasma-injector for turbines
    • Solar performance insight
    • Energy dashboard for grid
    • Lightweight, reliable capacitor


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