Sheldon Greene

Mr. Greene has a practical working knowledge in wind-energy development and production, including land acquisition, infrastructure, financing, turbine mechanical and controller technology, transmission, warranty, tax-equity structuring, project-economics modeling, and legal documentation.

He is a partner in the San Francisco Bay Area law firm of Greene & Allison and has been actively involved in wind energy for 20 years. For 15 years he has been an executive and director of Oak Creek Energy, a wind energy company which partnered with an investment bank in obtaining a 1,550 MW power-purchase agreement from Southern California Edison to develop a project on 55 square miles around the company’s core Mojave, California site. Oak Creek has also recently completed a groundbreaking behind-the-meter project with Cal Portland Cement.

Mr. Greene was an early member of the Obama presidential campaign energy-policy team and has been active in promoting a Democrat interests in the House and Senate.

He has brought high-impact litigation: successfully challenging state and federal government failure to follow the law, and has published academic articles in law journals on the subject of administrative law including public land policy. He had also served as Warden of Insurance of the State of Ohio.

He has a Bachelor’s degree magna cum laude and a law degree from Case Western Reserve University, and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. He is also a published novelist of three novels: Lost and Found, Burnt Umber, and Prodigal Sons.