William M. Jones

Mr. Jones has 55 years of experience in building and running complex organizations, developing novel energy-­‐efficient devices at point of use, and dealing with government leaders and partners in Ohio and Washington DC.  He has also been active in education. 

He is the founder and currently CEO of DynaMotors Inc. which has developed and is commercializing an innovative, patented technology in electric motors to achieve the high efficiencies that come from precise speed control.

His executive experience is in managing leading-­‐edge electronic operations: 15 years at TRW, where he became Group Vice President; 33 years as CEO of Cleveland Machine Controls (CMC); and the rest at DynaMotors.  While at CMC he also was Board Chairman of Invacare Corp. [NYSE: IVC] for 4 years. 

New electronics products launched under his leadership include the alternator controls for the B-­‐52 fleet, TV missile-­‐guidance, numerical controls that have become the Allen-­‐Bradley line, industrial CAT scan systems, closed-­‐loop power wheelchairs, high-­‐efficiency servo motors and drives, and the DynaMotor with embedded electronics. He holds four U.S. patents. 

Mr. Jones founded and headed the Council of Smaller Enterprise, an affiliation of northern Ohio small businesses, to enhance their combined purchasing power, policy influence, and workforce education.  The Council has grown to 16,000 member companies.  On behalf of the needs of these companies he has testified before Congress, and has actively lobbied legislators in both Washington and Columbus. 

Mr. Jones was President of the Harvard Business School Club of Cleveland and served on the Executive Committee of the local Chamber of Commerce and the Business Round Table, helping then-­‐Mayor (now Senator) George Voinovich deal with the city’s economic problems.  

He served as a Director of the Cleveland Advanced Manufacturing Program and of the Enterprise Development Incubator at Case Western Reserve University.   He received the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Harvard Business School Club and was named Northeast Ohio Entrepreneur of the Year by Inc Magazine.   

Mr. Jones’s participation in educational affairs includes the Board Executive Committees of both Hiram and Dyke Colleges and the President’s Advisory Council at Case Western Reserve.  He was the Chairman of the local Center for Economic Education and of Junior Achievement and served on its National Board.  He was appointed a Commissioner of the Ohio Educational Broadcasting System. Mr. Jones also established a Trust Fund for annual awards to outstanding principals of local schools.  

He graduated Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a BA in Mathematics from Dartmouth College in 1943.