GLEI Speaker Series - Mark Levine

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 - 11:30am

Mark D. Levine, PhD
Founder of the China Energy Group and Senior Staff Scientist
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Will China Overwhelm the World with its Greenhouse Gas Emissions

China surpassed the United States in total CO2 emissions in 2010. There are strong reasons that China’s emissions will grow in the coming decades to make it impossible to limit these emissions to keep the global temperature from rising about 2 degrees C. a level beyond which effects of global climate change are expected to be very severe.

This presentation is the result of a four-year effort, done in collaboration with Chinese researchers, to assess factors that will influence greenhouse gas emissions from China in the long term.  The results of the work, the largest effort of its kind ever undertaken outside of China, provide unique insights into one of the most critical issues of climate change—the role of China.

Mark D. Levine was director of the Environmental Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) from 1996-2006. His major passion in the past two decades has involved analyzing and promoting energy efficiency in China. He was the Group Leader of the China Energy Group at LBNL until March 2012. Dr. Levine is a board member of five leading non-profits in the United States (American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, Center for Clean Air Policy, Center for Resource Solutions, the US-China Green Energy Council, and California Clean Energy Fund, an innovative green venture capital fund) and one in Asia. He has founded or co-founded two successful non-profits, including the acclaimed Beijing Energy Efficiency Center. He is a member of the Energy Advisory Board of Dow Chemical Company and the Advisory Board of the Asian Pacific Energy Research Centre in Tokyo.

In addition to authoring numerous technical publications, Dr. Levine has led a series of high-profile energy analysis activities: he had overall responsibility for the IPCC chapters on mitigating carbon emissions in buildings (2nd assessment report) and shared responsibility (4th assessment report); he was co-leader of the report “Scenarios for a Clean Energy Future” for the United States and co-leader of a major study of energy and carbon futures of China.

Dr. Levine graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University, earned a PhD from the University of California, and has been the recipient of a Fulbright scholarship, a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, and National Institute of Health doctoral awards.

January 15th 
Glennan 421