Sam Crisanti

Sam Crisanti is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student originally from Windsor, Connecticut. His research interests include renewable energy generation and storage. Currently he is working on a project concerning structural battery systems for Unmanned Air Vehicle applications in conjunction with NASA. When he is not working or in the lab, Sam likes to run and hike as well as play the guitar.



What I am up to now...

Sam Crisanti is a double alumnus, most recently graduating with his M.S.E in Mechanical Engineering in 2018. The research for his thesis involved renewable energy generation and storage, specifically concerning solid-state electrolytes for use in structural battery systems for Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV).The research was performed at the Battery Lab at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. 

Originally from Windsor, CT, Sam now lives with his fiancé Anna in Milwaukee, WI while working as an engineer in medical imaging at GE Healthcare. In his free time, he loves to run, brew beer, and enjoy the great outdoors.