Lizzy Kalikasingh

Lizzy Kalikasingh is a third year materials science and engineering student also pursuing a minor in Chinese. Lizzy's love for traveling and nature inspires her to work internationally for renewable energy initiatives. Before coming to Case Western Reserve University, she spent a year studying in Taiwan. This first exposed her to alternative energy technology. Taiwan's integration of sustainable technology left a strong impression of energy conservation, including consideration of both policy and innovation. During her time at Case, she works on energy policy with Professor Matthiesen and conducts research on polymer backsheets of solar panels with Professor Roger French.

On campus she also participates in SpartanTHON, Design for America, and works as a campus photographer and videographer.

Lizzy is excited to be a GLEI ThinkEnergy Fellow this year and hopes this opportunity gives her a strong foundation in energy. Additionally, she hopes it brings her clsoer to naming all the contries of the world with fellow-Fellow, Marley Praprost.