Katherine Steinberg

Katie is a rising senior in the Chemical Engineering department with a minor in Environmental Studies who originally hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. On campus, she does research related to electrochemistry. This summer, she is working full-time on a research project related to deep eutectic solvents. These solvents tend to be low-cost and environmentally-benign, and there is growing interest in their possible application to a variety of different chemical processes. Katie is using a Type IV zinc DES system to develop a reliable method to measure kinetic parameters of electrodeposition in these systems, which could help enable the use of such solvents in batteries or other electrochemical applications. Katie plans to apply to graduate school in the fall and pursue a doctorate after graduation, and in the long run hopes to center her career on energy research and teaching. She's especially interested in the challenge of grid-scale energy storage for reliable renewable-based electric grids. Outside of academics, she is active in Student Sustainability Council and Greek Life, and she loves to read, paint, cook, and hike.