Powering Ohio: Energy Innovation Could Lead to Thousands of New Jobs

A new report, prepared by Synapse Energy Associates in partnership with the Great Lakes Energy Institute and advisors across the state, esimates energy innovation in Ohio could result in up to 20,000 new jobs and up to $25 billion in investment.

Electric vehicles, renewable energy, and increased energy efficiency are the main opportunities that could be used to boost Ohio's economy. Nearly half the new jobs would be in transportation, particularly in manufacturing engines and transmissions of electric vehicles.

Grant Goodrich, Director of the Great Lakes Energy Institute, admits that the state of Ohio needs to play a role. "In order to secure investments in clean energy, or from Fortune-500 companies with renewable-energy mandates, Ohio will have to demonstrate a committment to creating an environment where clean-energy technology is welcomed and thrives."

A second stage of the report, a detailed plan to turn these ideas into reality, is expected to be released this summer.

For more information, go to dispatch.com. To access the full report, visit poweringohio.org.