Congratulations to Adam Maraschky, a GLEI ThinkEnergy Fellow, and Dr. Rohan Akolkar for recent publication

Adam Maraschky, a chemical engineering PhD student and Great Lakes Energy Institute (GLEI) ThinkEnergy fellow, and his advisor Dr. Rohan Akolkar, the F. Alex Nason Professor and faculty director of GLEI, have recently published a paper on lithium-metal batteries in the Journal of Electrochemical Society.

Their research focuses on the mechanism behind rechargeable lithium-metal batteries, which face barriers to commercialization due to unsafe and limited recharging. The paper explains why dendrite growth occurs while recharging and utilizes experiments and modeling to show that concentration gradients in a surface film known as solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) are the cause behind dendrite growth.

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To read their research paper, visit here.