Boundary Laboratories Winds Best Pitch Integrating IoT Smart Manufacturing Technologies with Traditional Manufacturing Award Competition at 2018 TransTech Energy Business Development Conference

Boundary Laboratories located in Cleveland, Ohio, took home a $5,000 prize for their award winning pitch at the 2018 TransTech Energy Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. Prince Ghosh, founder of Boundary Labs, said that, “Presenting and competing in the National Energy Technology Laboratory sponsored TransTech Energy Conference was an amazing experience.”. Boundary Labs showcased their low-cost IoT sensors and big data platform for predictive maintenance on industrial assets technology and got to meet other researchers, scientists, politicians, and investors. He went on to say that, “the conference was a great chance for us to push the limits of our technology and see how we can expand our value proposition to deliver valuable data-driven insights for new sectors like utilities while helping us grow as a startup”. He went on to thank the Great Lakes Energy Institute for providing support while they launched their startup