CWRU Structural Battery Technology Demonstration Takes Flight

Dr. Prakash and the CWRU/Event38 team completed two unmanned aerial vehicle flight demonstrations involving the structural battery technology being developed under the PRESIDES (Partnership for Research in Energy Storage and Integration for Defense and Space Exploration) Program sponsored by the Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN).

The team is led by Dr. Vikas Prakash, Principal Investigator on the OFRN project. The flight tests were led by Jeff Taylor (CWRU ’09), founder of Event38. The tests were conducted at the Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport on February 22 under a FAA COA issued to the Air Force Research Laboratory out of Dayton. The baseline flight vehicle configuration had a flight time of 91 minutes and the structural battery flight vehicle configuration extended the flight duration to a total of 171 minutes, slightly longer than the models predicted.

The OFRN team and the AFRL team who ran the test seemed extremely pleased with both the execution of the test and the results. The Great Lakes Energy Institute (GLEI) extends our hearty congratulations to Dr. Prakash and his research group for a successful outcome of the project, and thanks to GLEI Program Manager Mark Haberbusch for his support of this project.


Dr. Vikas Prakash (CWRU) and Jeff Taylor (Event38)