ThinkEnergy Fellows Pitch to Siemens CEO

The Thinking Caps student group participating in the Great Lakes Energy Institute, ThinkEnergy Fellowship Program were recently invited by Anne Borchert, Associate Vice-President of Corporate Relations at CWRU, to present their ideas for a renewable energy power management system for home use to Siemens executives while they were visiting CWRU for Research ShowCase.  In attendance were Barbara Humpton, CEO of Siemens USA and George Bjelovuk, Vice-President of Energy Solutions.  The student group received valuable feedback on their new potential business opportunity.  Shown in the picture (l-r) are Neil Chavan, George Bjelovuk, Ian Parker, Barbara Humpton, Becca Segel, Ellen Walter, Christen Pischke (Siemens Innovation Partnership Manager), and Adam Maraschky.