Build Your Career at the DOE National Labs

GLEI Executive Director Grant Goodrich Outlines Student Opportunities in DOE National Labs


Grant Goodrich, Executive Director of the Great Lakes Energy Institute, hosted an informational lecture on Friday, September 20th for the ThinkEnergy Fellows and other interested students. Goodrich gave an overview of The U.S. Department of Energy National Lab System, discussing the overarching mission for the 17 Labs, the key differences between various Labs (where in the DOE they operate, their primary source and amount of funding, etc.), the impact that CWRU students can have in the energy field through internships and full-time employment with these Labs, and how students can determine which Lab will be the best fit for them.

Putting the 17 DOE National Labs on the Map


The DOE Labs provide excellent opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students and postdocs in STEM fields to work on some of the most advanced and unique technologies in the world. Whether you are pursuing a career in industry or academia, the experiences offered at these Labs serve as a stellar foundation for future endeavors.

The DOE Labs are looking for applicants that are not only involved in the campus community, but are actively seeking out or holding leadership opportunities (“experience leading teams of 2 or more” is a common preference or expectation). And while laboratory or research experience is a must-have for any applicant’s resume, it is important to take the extra step to get your name out there on some type of research publication (ideally for a peer-reviewed journal).

So how can students determine which DOE Lab opportunities are best suited for them?

  • Schedule a meeting with your faculty advisor! CWRU faculty are heavily involved in research, and while your advisor may not be familiar with the specific Lab you are considering, it’s highly likely that they know a colleague who is.

  • Visit the Labs’ websites! They are all currently hiring in high volume and are updating their job listings frequently. You can also learn a lot about what each Lab’s specific focus is by exploring their website.

  • Come talk to representatives from these Labs! Representatives will be coming to the CWRU campus to recruit students on October 9th (more details to come).

  • Stop by the GLEI office! Our team is constantly working with faculty as well as the DOE Labs and would be happy to answer any questions.