ThinkEnergy Fellow Wins Pitch Competition and Best Poster Awards at TransTech 2019

Congratulations to Italo Silva (pictured above) in his reception of two awards on October 28-30 at the 2019 TransTech Energy Business Development Conference in Pittsburgh, PA.  He took first place in the poster competition for “Thermal Degradation of a Superhydrophobic Coating," which highlighted his successful research on oil/water separation technology in the Macromolecular Science and Engineering Department at CWRU with his advisor, Dr. Rigoberto Advincula. He also won the TransTech "One to Watch" Award based on his eight-minute pitch on the oil/water separation technology and business development approach through the ThinkEnergy Fellowship Program at GLEI.  Italo’s ThinkEnergy entrepreneurial team members include Nathan Ewell (Case School of Engineering, Chemical Engineering), Akash Menon (2nd Year MBA Student at Weatherhead School of Management), Oluka Okia (Case School of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering), and Krista Schoonover (College of Arts and Sciences, Chemistry and Math).