GLEI Speaker Series - Lorry Wagner

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 - 11:00am - 12:00pm


You Can’t Spell Experience Without Erie

With no offshore wind projects installed in the United States, Lake Erie is poised to become home to the very first freshwater wind project in North America. Lake Erie Energy Development Corp. (LEEDCo), a Cleveland-based non-profit economic development organization, is building the Great Lakes offshore wind industry beginning with “Project Icebreaker,” a demonstration project of five to nine wind turbines located seven miles offshore.

The Department of Energy recognizes the massive energy potential of offshore wind and is investing resources into this clean energy market. This will help the most competitive projects advance beyond the planning stage and into actual implementation. Icebreaker is one of seven projects that the DOE invested $4 million in. Local companies and world-class partners with experience in offshore projects invested another $1 million.

This presentation will provide LEEDCo’s valued public stakeholders with an overview of the factors contributing to the Icebreaker team’s proven capabilities and successes to date. Some of these factors include Ohio’s leadership in onshore wind manufacturing, engineering knowledgebase and research institutions.

From the sense of pride and accomplishment Ohioans will have from building the Icebreaker demonstration project, to the investment that will follow in support of infrastructure needed to build a regional industry, the presentation illustrates all the reasons why Great Lakes wind is a winning proposition for the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan Area, Ohio and the entire region.

Dr. Lorry Wagner, a seasoned wind energy engineer and a longstanding member of the Great Lakes Energy Development Task Force, is well suited to serve as president of the Cleveland-based Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation (LEEDCo), a position he assumed in May 2010.

A professional engineer with several degrees from Purdue University and extensive experience in wind turbine technology, Dr. Wagner previously served as president of Azure Energy LLC, a renewable energy development corporation based in Solon, Ohio. At Azure, he played a leading role in the installation of the wind turbine at the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, and has been involved in the development of several wind projects.

Dr. Wagner brings extensive knowledge of maritime and subsurface issues central to the deployment of wind turbines offshore. As a 2008 appointee to the Ohio Power Siting Board, Dr. Wagner also has significant familiarity with regulatory issues pertaining to power plants and energy transmission.

A core member of the LEEDCo launch team, Dr. Wagner succeeds Richard Stuebi, who served as interim president of the organization during its launch phase.

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