GLEI ThinkEnergy Fellows 2019-2020

ThinkEnergy is an innovative, student-centric program focused on experiential learning. The program aims to enhance energy literacy among the next generation of executives, educators, politicians, and technology experts. We believe the skills our students develop through this program will help them become leaders in whatever fields they choose to pursue

ThinkEnergy connects students with faculty, companies, and investors. It often gives students an opportunity to operate outside of their comfort zones, developing competencies that are dissimilar to what they learn in their courses. Past students have built solar installations, launched startups, published policy reports, led research projects, sold clean energy credits, repaired wind turbines, attended DOE conferences, and completed a variety of energy-related internships.

Great Lakes ThinkEnergy 2019-2020 Fellows:

Bridget Powers Beggs

Benjamin Chapman

Emmett Donnelley-Power

Nathan Ewell

Shreyas Kamath

Akash Menon

Oluka Okia

Dahbin Park

Aparna Paul

Brandon Rudolph

Krista Schoonover

Italo Silva

Rohan Sinha

Julia Ver Voort

Ran Wei