Founded in 2008, the Great Lakes Energy Institute (GLEI) is an interdisciplinary research institute dedicated to catalyzing breakthroughs in energy sustainability that address the most pressing problems facing our world.  Located in Cleveland, Ohio and housed within the Case School of Engineering, we empower our faculty, students and partners to expand knowledge, deepen understanding, and create innovative and sustainable energy solutions. Click here to learn more about us, or about our research and platforms.

The Dai group, which consists of three very accomplished professors at Case Western Reserve University, have published a paper in Advanced Materials publication titled the “3-D Heteroatom‐Doped Carbon Nanomaterials as Multifunctional Metal‐Free Catalysts for Integrated Energy Devices.” 

The three professor are Liming Dai, the leader and the Dai Group and professors of macromolecular science and engineering, and his senior research associates Rajib Paul and Feng Du. 


Northeastern Ohio native and previous co-director of Great Lakes Energy Institute at CWRU Alexis Abramson  has made history by being the second woman in Darthmouth's 150 year history to serve as dean in Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College.

Third year undergraduate student and ThinkEnergy Fellow Becca Segel has presented her research on “Investigation of Production Parameter Effects on Spark Plasma Sintered Molybdenum Cermet Wafers for Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Applications" at the Nuclear and Emerging Technologies in Space Conference

The presentation focuses on ceramic-metal wafers for nuclear thermal propulsion, and how to produce these disks. NASA could be using this technology in the future for missions to Mars!


Dr. Prakash and the CWRU/Event38 team completed two unmanned aerial vehicle flight demonstrations involving the structural battery technology being developed under the PRESIDES (Partnership for Research in Energy Storage and Integration for Defense and Space Exploration) Program sponsored by the Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN).

The Case Water Initiative, a Case Western Reserve University provost-sponsored “SEED sprint” led by the Great Lakes Energy Institute and the Institute for Smart, Secure, and Connected Systems, will host two open sessions!

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Congratulations to the CWRU GLEI ThinkEnergy Fellows, Harsh Ranjan, Emily Dickens, Aayush Parikh, and Abhe Murthy for making it to the semifinals of the Net Impact Future of Energy Challenge supported by Shell! 

Kathryn Daltorio, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, has received a 2019 Young Investigator Award from the Office of Naval Research. Daltorio was recognized among 25 recipients who will share $16.5 million in funding to conduct naval-relevant scientific research with direct benefits for sailors and marines.