Advisory Board

Great Lakes Energy Institute understands the importance of strategic leadership and relies on the expertise of the high level executives that comprise our Advisory Board. Led by GGIC Ltd. CEO and Case Western Reserve alumnus Thomas Tribone ('74), the Board meets quarterly to provide assistance and guidance to the Institute as it enables the transition to advanced sustainable energy generation, storage, distribution and utilization, through coordinated research, development and education.

The Great Lakes Energy Institute Advisory Board is comprised of internal and external stakeholders: current and retired top executives and researchers offering expertise in multiple alternative energy sectors. You can learn more about each of our Board members by clicking on their name below.

Board Members

Dr. Alexis Abramson

Ali Ahmed, Vice Chairman

Dr. Suresh Baskaran

Craig Brocklehurst

Robert E. Busch

Eileen M. Buzzelli

Dr. Walter J. Culver

Dr. Jeffrey L. Duerk

Dr. Thomas Esselman

Michael Goldberg

Sheldon Greene

Ross Guttromson

Dr. Robert F. Savinell

Dr. Peter Shulman

Dr. Cung K. Vu

Joel F. Zipp

Additionally, the Great Lakes Energy Institute would like to thank the following Advisory Board Alumni who have contributed their knowledge, service and support to ensure our ongoing success.  

Board Alumni

Rebecca Bagley

Carl Podwoski