GLEI hosts Energy Industry Day 2016 at Tinkham Veale University Center

On July 27th, the Great Lakes Energy Institute at Case Western Reserve University hosted business leaders from across the energy industry for our first “Energy Industry Day” at the Tinkham Veale University Center. Twenty-three faculty members presented their current research on energy-related topics ranging from Novel Plasma Assisted Fuel Injectors to Data Analytics for Virtual Energy Audits and Value Capture of Buildings, offering a sample of the variety of energy research underway at CWRU. In total, over 40 companies were represented either in person or via a live stream webcast; among those present were industry giants such as Current by General Electric, Johnson Controls Inc., Siemens, and FirstEnergy, as well as NASA, Air Force Research Labs, investors and educational organizations.

The goal of this event was to inform energy industry representatives of the range and type of research being performed by the CWRU faculty, in order to stimulate greater collaboration between industry and Case researchers. The program offered rapid-fire, 5-minute presentations by faculty grouped into three areas of interest: Sustainability & Related Technologies, General Energy Applications, and Smart Power & Energy Storage. Networking sessions were held following the presentations to allow researchers and the audience to connect and discuss ideas.

A highlight of the event was the announcement by GLEI Director Dr. Alexis Abramson of two new Corporate Affiliate partners of the Institute, Johnson Controls Inc. and Eaton. The evening also featured the reading of an excerpt from the 1937 play “Power,” offered by the CWRU Theater Department, led by Jerrold Scott and a cast of students, including Mariah Burks, Kyle Cherry, Caroline Gainley, TJ Gainley, and Ryan Santa.

The event opened eyes for everyone involved, creating a far greater awareness of the breadth and depth of energy research performed across the CWRU campus. Faculty gathered new inquiries into their research, industry requested meetings and campus visits, and student educational opportunities were discussed. “The GLEI Energy Industry Day Event was excellent; I have follow on meetings planned with several of the presenters,” noted Herb Crowther, President of MegaJoule Storage Inc.

The Great Lakes Energy Institute would like to thank the many members of industry who attended the event to learn more about energy research at CWRU, and to thank our participating faculty for the excellent presentations of their innovative and exciting energy research.